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Products on this page are items from past GORGG fundraisers. Proceeds will continue to benefit the GORGG Fund. To order these items using PayPal, click on an "Add To Cart" button to specify a quantity for the corresponding item to buy. When finished, click on the "Buy Now" button at bottom to Checkout and pay for your order.  All prices are in US$. (click on any picture to enlarge)


The Age of Twilight

Paint the Peel
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Paint the Peel

Paint the Peel
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Giant For An Hour

Giant For Another Hour

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Only Giants Will Do

(double CDr)
A double CDr full of GG inspired music composed by O-R members and one very original copy of Nothing at All. The GG and/or prog influence is present in almost every piece in various forms, either the style played, voicing, the composition itself and so on. Some projects were bands that members were in from the past, others were written for this CDr set. Most recordings are excellent in terms of sonic quality and all have been mastered at McBuddha Studios by Dan Bornemark. All profits are donated to the GORGG fund, which as you know, benefits the BitB and their families and enables them to attend GORGGs. The cause is great and the music will knock your socks off!

Please note that these are not the original printed and shrink-wrapped CDRs, those have sold out. These are official burns.

Artist and Track Details


Giant Party Pieces

The Giant Party Pieces CD contains seven original compositions by O-R members, and a re-mixed and re-mastered version of the Giant Gathering Overture as bonus track.

Track List and Samples

Cost: $7.00 (USD) per copy

GORGG, Eh? Jam

The Third Annual Global On Refelction Gathering was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 4 to 7, 2001. This is a recording of the GGiant Jam on Saturday, October 6.


Gentle Giant at WAR

Gary, Ray, Derek, John, Phil and Kerry! Live at War Memorial, Rochester, NY, October 14, 1972. This fundraiser item helped bring the Boys in the Band to Columbia-GORGG 2003. Here is the set list:

1. Prologue (5:10)
2. Funny Ways (8:12)
3. Announcement (0:32)
4. Nothing At All (Incorporating the Drum Bash) 10:53
5. Announcement (0:13)
6. Plain Truth (Incorporating the Schizoid Violin Solo) 11:37
7. Announcement (0:27)
8. Schooldays (8:53)*
* believed to be from 4/28/72 Cheltenham Town Hall, England)


Gentle Giant
Peel The Utica!

Gentle Giant, live at the War Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY, January 29, 1975. This fundraiser item helped bring the Boys in the Band to GORGG, Eh? 2001. Here is a track listing of their set:

1. Introduction (1:04)
2. Cogs In Cogs (3:11)
3. Proclamation (5:03)
4. Funny Ways (8:21)
5. Derek Speaks (0:15)
6. The Runaway (3:37)
7. Glass House Transition (0:44)
8. Experience (5:41)
9. Derek Speaks Again (0:39)
10. Knots (1:59)
11. Octopus Guitar Duo (3:07)
12. Knots Reprise (1:00)
13. Octopus Keyboard Interlude (0:58)
14. The Advent of Panurge (5:45)
15. Plain Truth/Violin Solo (13:30)
16. Derek Speaks Yet Again (0:39)
17. Mr. Class and Quality (3:19)
18. Peel the Paint (loud part) (4:07)
19. Valedictory (1:44)
Total: 64:34

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Giant for an(other) Hour

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